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As well as offering tyres, we can also provide you with a new exhaust, or maybe even repair of your one you already have. 

There are many many reasons to why your exhausts may be causing you an issue, and there is a vast array of options we can do to help fix the problem. Below is a small section about the smoke from your vehicle, but there may additional issues you are encountering such as, rust, volume of noise, leaking etc, so please visit our depot and we can assess the problems further.

Smoke coming from your exhaust isn't great news, but it doesn't necessarily mean the engine is dying. Smoke from the exhaust comes in various different colours, and the colour can determine where the problem is located. There of three common types of smoke which are, white, blue and black. If you have red or yellow smoke, you could be driving a transformer car!

White Smoke - This is potentially caused by water/ coolant entering the cylinder, and the engine is trying to burn it as fuel. Basically the white smoke is steam and one possible cause of this could be a failure in one of the special gaskets which stop the coolant from entering the cylinder. But of the other end of the scale, it could just be a cold day and the warmth hitting the cold air can make it appear more of a problem that it actually is. If you are unsure please visit our depot and we will have this quickly checked for you. 

Blue Smoke -  Similar to the above but the blue colour is potentially caused by the engine oil entering the cylinder, and it only takes a small drop of oil to make this colour change. Blue smoke is more common in older engines or vehicles high high mileage on them. You might need to replace some seals inside or maybe replace with oil designed for older vehicles, or ones with higher mileage. 

Black Smoke - The potential cause for this this colour is excess fuel entering the cylinder which cannot be burned completely. Excess fuel will usually effect engine performance, reduce fuel economy, and produce a fuel odour. Black smoke from exhaust is more common in older diesel engines, but it can still effect others. Numerous things could cause this, dirty air filters, fuel injectors, a turbo charger malfunction.

Until we see the vehicle we couldn't possibly say that any of the above are the reasons are for the issue, so pop down to see us and we will thoroughly check your vehicle and advise you of the best action.  

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