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Car battery problems are a lot more common than you may think and they are the main cause for your car failing to start, and breakdowns at the side of the road. Many of the failures can be prevented and your car battery is extremely important. It provides the power for the cars electrical system and its gets your car started in the first place! Saying this, its surprising how much this part of the car is neglected by drivers.

Below is a list of the common battery problems and how to avoid them:

Cold Weather - Low temperatures are a batteries worst nightmare. When the cold hits the battery it takes longer to recharge, its power output decreases, and when this happens it can easily be over loaded by the heaters, wipes, etc. Pop into our depot to have your battery checked to make sure its all ready for the colder months. 

Electrical equipment on when engine isn't - We've all left our car headlights on after using the vehicle, and if it wasn't for a helpful neighbor or passer by, the battery would be drained before its next use. Leaving interior lights on, headlights, not shutting the boot fully, leaving cd players running are all common ways to drain the battery. Make sure all lights and equipment are fully switched off before leaving the vehicle. 

Excessive usage - Having all electrical equipment running inside the car can out power the recharge and use more power than is being generated whilst the engine is running. Things such as CD players, Sat Navs, iPods, DVD players etc will all have an effect on the battery. Using less gadgets in the cabin can help, but also purchasing a more powerful battery can massively reduces the excessive usage. 

Bad connections or corrosion - There could be corrosion around the battery caused by the age of vehicle or moisture getting to the battery. Clamps that attach to the battery might be loose and may needs fixing correctly or replaced. If the battery is badly corroded it will more than likely need replacing. Come and visit our depot and will conduct a full test on your battery. 

Frequent short journeys - If your vehicle is only used on very short trips and doesn't really get chance to stretch its legs then this will not give the battery chance to recharge whilst the engine is running. Longer runs out in the car will help, but buying a charger will allow you to charge your battery form home.

Alternator Problems - The alternator charges your battery whilst the engine is running and as i'm sure your aware now, if this is broke/damaged/faulty this isn't going to help the battery and then its only a matter of time for the battery to completely be flat. Here at Skegness Tyres we can replace your alternator and have you up and running safely and in no time at all. 

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